Best-laid plans, meet human frailty.

Well, up until 9:40 last night, I would have said that my plans for next weekend were 100% solid. And then I went to check on my 85-year-old dad, who’s been in poor health since my mom died in December of 2014….

I may still do it. I’m know that I’m not thinking clearly enough to make a proper decision. We said goodbye to Dad and the coroner, and the transit workers from Beechwood Cemetery, and the cops who, by law, had to witness the whole thing to make sure that there wasn’t something illegal going on with the body some time around 1:00AM this morning. I’m going on 90 minutes of sleep since 5:30 yesterday morning and I had a side of smoked salmon and three Caesars for lunch. My bags are still packed. I’m not saying “no” quite yet, simply because I’m tired of life getting in the way of things that I want to do. (The funeral probably won’t be until late June, anyway.)


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